The Bootcamp

We all start out with the best intentions as we attempt to get fit by joining a gym, sadly that treadmill has morphed into a coat rack and those bad habits you vowed to toss away return in force.
If you hate performing boring, time consuming exercises that don’t give you the results you want… why not try something different…?

Our Fitness Boot camp will help: Increase STRENGTH, improve ENDURANCE, aid WEIGHT- LOSS, improve CO-ORDINATION, increase MOTIVATION, get you RIPPED!!
Fitness boot camps use well-designed, progressive plans that are tailored for all levels of fitness a circuit of drills ranging from running and jumping jacks to push-ups, squats and dips – appeals to people with busy schedules who need to pack a hard workout into a quick hour.


Fitness boot camps are the latest phenomenon in the modern world of health-conscious folk as boot camp classes gain national exposure on makeover television shows such as The Biggest Looser and Celebrity Fit Club. Many people nowadays prefer to be given motivation and guidance to aid them in achieving their goals, the Fitness Boot Camp is the perfect place to come for this.



Some of you might be worried that a boot camp will be too strenuous or intimidating. But from your very first session you will realise that this type of workout isn’t what you expected, the instructor will help you work at a pace that will challenge but not frustrate you, and best of all you’ll see improvements very quickly.



Slimbody Boot Camp adapts to all ages and levels of fitness. From the beginner to the advanced exerciser, the instructor will meet you at your current fitness level and work with you to improve and reach YOUR personal best. Maybe you cant run for the first day or week or even month, but if you just put forth the effort the Slimbody Boot Camp Bootcamp instructor will push you just enough to get the results you seek.

Participants are never asked to perform more than they are capable of doing but will be encouraged to give 100%.

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