Lizzie Stott


“I started with the very gorgeous simon 3 years ago…. to give you all some idea of how unfit i was….3 years ago I couldn’t even run to the end of the road and 3 days ago I completed my very first half marathon!!!!! Simon has completely changed my life, I can walk into the gym with a face on me and a mood to match, 60 minutes with him and I often crawl out of the gym but with a smile on my face and my mood has been turned around! He doesn’t just you wipe the floor with you in the gym, he actually cares!! I only pay Simon for personal training but I will often get a number of messages throughout the week checking how I’m doing and feeling! This is why he’s not just a trainer he’s a friend too, so this isn’t a testimonial it’s a massive, huge THANK YOU!!!! 60minutes a week with that man really has changed my life!!!!!!! I cannot thank him enough for what he’s done for me and I couldn’t live without him!!!!!!! So pack your bags Sloan…. You’re moving in!!! Xxx”

 Andy Smith


andy transformation


“I stated training with Simon in June 2011, I was always into sport at school and never thought I was out of shape untill i started training with Simon. I also started doing bootcamp as well, my goal was to tone up and improve my fitness, the bootcamps stripped the body fat away and my Personal Training sessions worked on the weights to build up, my fitness went though the roof and it was fun doing it, my strength is amazing from what i started on to now, if your not doing anything to get your fitness goals why not? these guys make every session fun, and you will get your goals faster then u think!! training with Simon in pts has to be the best thing i ever did, always on time and ready to train you with different things to do each session from heavy weight training, weighted circuit training to smashing a fitness circuit that u wouldn’t normally do at bootcamp, the mix between bootcamp and personal sessions is amazing you will just see your fitness go though the roof! get out there guys, got nothing to lose, before i forget, the detox for the training is outstanding, you will get results if u follow it and they are there to help you when ever you need it. go for it!”

Katy Smeathers

Katy Sm


“I first started bootcamp in March 2011 as something new to try after getting bored of the usual cardio. After a couple of sessions I was hooked! Its actually fun and you see results so quickly! I noticed a big improvement in my overall fitness really quickly and the fat loss that followed was amazing, Soon after starting bootcamp I signed up for Personal Training with Simon and have never looked back, I have been going week-in, week-out ever since! Simon also introduced me to weight training, which I always thought was more for blokes – how wrong I was. Along with the detox plan, the combination of bootcamps and PTs really helped me strip bodyfat and become more lean and toned with much more energy. I actually lost 5” off my waist!

Bootcamp is a proper little community and I have made some great friends through it. I love going and love training with Simon, he is really motivational and will always help you get the best from yourself. My training really has changed my life for the better. Long may it continue!”

Laura Pilkington


What a difference just 4 weeks with Simon can make!!

I was introduced to Simon by a mutual friend in February 2013; on first meeting Simon I was sceptical of what he promised he could deliver in such a short space of time…how WRONG was I! In just four weeks my fitness, strength and mindset has improved dramatically. On my first PT session I couldn’t even achieve one push up…what a difference just 4 weeks can make! I remember walking away from the session embarrassed and disappointed in myself at just how unfit I was! Now I walk away from sessions with a HUGE smile on my face as session by session I improve in strength, form and fitness and immediately start looking forward to my next one…Simon is supportive and extremely encouraging not only during the sessions but also with regular contact in-between. I no longer dread going to the gym!! Thank you Simon for changing my life for the better and I look forward to seeing what the next 4 weeks working with you can deliver!

Less of the talk, the results below speak for themselves…

28th February 2013 to 28th March 2013
Left Arm: 27cm to 25cm
Right Arm: 28cm to 25cm
Waist: 74cm to 67cm (7cm loss)
Hips: 95cm to 84cm (11cm loss)
Left Thigh: 57cm to 54cm
Right Thigh: 57cm to 54cm



Rob Rigge


“I have been training with Simon for about 3 years now and it has definitely improved my fitness, stamina and overall physique. I started with him to initially improve my 10k times and after only a few months took two minutes off to get very close to my goal of 40 mins. His PT sessions are fresh and varied and his motivation and energy throughout keeps them fun but very challenging inline with what you want to achieve. Simons experience of training techniques is vast and whether it is cardio, endurance or strength I have very rarely done the same session twice. His knowledge of nutrition is also impressive and will help with any weight loss or toning goals that you have. Overall I would highly recommend him as a PT or bootcamp instructor and if you give him a go you will get to where you want to be.”

Kate Thompson

Kate T

“I knew I wanted to get healthier and change my shape and I knew exercise was the way to do it but didn’t have a clue how to go about it and then along came Simon, young ,fit and handsome, it was my lucky day!

We started slowly, I’m not like some of his young clients, I’m old enough to be his mum,  but he always has loads of patience with me and because he’s a true professional and knows exactly what he’s doing he is able to explain to me why we do things and the benefits it has.

The sessions are fun and I’ve done things I would never have thought possible. He knows exactly how to get the most out of me without pushing me too far and I think that’s why I’ve had the most amazing results. I’ve gone from a frumpy size 16 to a healthy size 12.

He keeps me motivated and on the right track and I know I couldn’t do it without him.”

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